10 benefits of pineapple – 5th one will surprise you.

slices of pineapple
slices of pineapple on blue wooden table, top view

Want to be a nester somewhere and are not being able to? Here is your chance to redeem! Just take this fruit of colonialism as it is called, a symbol of generosity by the Europeans with you and mission would be a success. Entitled as “piña de Indes” meaning “Indian pines”  by Christopher Columbus. All credits to him, to unearth this in 1493, on the island of Guadeloupe.

Come let’s discover some mind-boggling boons of pineapple!

No 1. Natural calcium Sandoz!

Loaded with manganese, the compound which gives potency to bones, be it old or young growing kids, few pieces of pineapple could boost bone health. It is highly recommended for females dealing with menopause as it reduces the risk of osteoporosis(reduce in the mass of bone). Do discuss with your doctor about adding it in your diet. It also clenches the gums and is a real boon to the people who have undergone tooth surgeries or lose to tooth.

No 2. Digestion problem? Go for pineapples!

With a magical element called bromelain, pineapple is a go getter for any person dealing with constipation. It also facilitates digestion and pineapples are acknowledged to lessen inflammations in intestine and even prevent loose motions. So, have pineapples in any form and be relieved from bowel tensions.

No 3. Immune system acceleration

Yes you read it right! Ever imagined pineapple could be your immunity booster. Now science has proved that kids who eat pineapple are on the lower verge of being infected by viral diseases. In addition to bromelain, pineapple is filled with Vitamin-C which increases white blood cells and accelerates your resistance against microbes. Vitamin-C is a cell impairment fighter and also an eye sight improver. It is known to drop the risks of having macular degeneration. Beta-carotene present in pineapples fosters good eye health.

No. 4 Cold and cough goes away!

Uhhu huuh! Tired of this irritating noise and sore throats? Pineapple is your saviour! Don’t be surprised! Pineapple has astounding power of killing microbes causing flu and also fights major contagions. It fosters the body to release mucous more and even easily. Science says it can soothe asthma too. It aids in reducing the risks of pneumonia. It is also been proved that it works better than usual cough syrups used during cold to eradicate bacteria from your throat.

No. 5 Special surprise for the ladies!

Yes! This crowned delicacy has unbelievable flabbergasting profits for the women. Get rid of cracked lips, get your daily use oil (coconut is preferred) and into it add some pineapple juice and guess what? Your lip hydrator is ready! Taste plus heath plus you could still lick it without worrying. It even helps in putting a stop to hair loss. Apply some of its juice to scalp and take pleasure in flaunting your shiny silky hair. Pineapple is an all in one beauty granting fruit. Walked for a stretched distance and now got your heels cracked? Well, pineapple can heal it too. It works as a scrub to reduce the rifts and smoothens  heels, making them look gorgeous. But do talk to your doctor if you have sensitive skin.

No. 6 Cancer decelerator fruit

Chemotherapy is usually the treatment recommended for patients diagnosed with cancer but science proves that bromelain, a chemical found in pineapple is extra effectual than these chemotherapy meds. Free radicals that are the notorious stuff found among cells, increase the chances of cancer and pineapple, as it contains loads of antioxidants in it, removes them. It even reduces the pace of damage done by the cancer causing cells, thereby decelerating the risks of cancer. It is also known to lessen oxidative stress. Patients need to discuss with their doctor before taking pineapple.

No. 7 Possesses anti-inflammatory magic

Worried about the swelling you have in your joints? Does it pain a lot? Not any more! Here is an extremely easy quick solution, have pineapples! It has been proven that pineapple helps in decreasing puffiness and cuts off the ache from crohn’s disease. With the collaboration of pineapples and proper therapies, patients can get quick relief from such discomfort. Even sinusitis can be healed by having pineapples but remember to consult your doctor before having them. It is a blessing for people who travel frequently by flight as it diminishes blood clot problems. Have pineapple before and while travelling by air and enjoy your ride rather than being tensed.

No 8. Stress bruiser

Stress, depression and anxiety have become very frequently heard mental disorders and pineapple is the lifesaver here. Unbelievable right! Pineapple has such magical properties which diminishes all your stress, be it work stress, family stress or any kind of stress you are dealing with. Just sit back, relax and have pineapple. It is filled with amino acid called tryptophan, which produces chemicals that elates you. Hence, releases tension and makes you cheerful and filled with positivity.

No 9. Relieves nausea

Worried about travelling? Are your travelling goals not getting fulfilled because of your travelling sickness? Now, it’s time to live your dreams with the help of pineapples. You can have pineapples while travelling in any form, be it chunks of it which you can cut and pack in your tiffin or you can even sip pineapple juice while travelling. Vitamin- B6 in pineapple works as reductant of vomiting sickness.

No10. Fertility symbol

Pineapple can help you in conceiving a baby as it increases the possibilities of implantation of embryo in the uterus as the gush of blood is escalated. It is advised to eat pineapple continuously for 5 days at the time of ovulation, which may boost the opportunities of implantation. It is better if the pineapple core is taken off while having it. Don’t forget to discuss with your doctor before having it and talk about your sensitivities too.

Some worthy of note ways you can plunk in pineapple to your diet are, you can add fresh pineapple in your morning smoothie, gym break juice, lunch time yogurt or any fruit salads. Try adding small pieces of pineapple in your coleslaw or carrot salad. Have this juicy sweet, crowned for the right reason fruit and feel the wonders it does!


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