10 best ways to heal pregnancy stretch marks

Cheerful mother applying cream on her belly
Cheerful mother applying cream on her belly

Stretch marks are the hard reality of pregnancy. As the name suggests, these marks occur on your body parts as your skin is stretched to more than an extent. The child in your womb tends to grow bigger in size, thus causing your skin to stretch. When your skin stretches beyond the usual manner, the mid-layer of your skin is deteriorated. Due to tearing of this tissue layer, it becomes more visible on the surface of your skin in the form of marks.

Almost all women after pregnancy will be the victim of stretch marks, mostly in the areas of belly, thighs, butt, chest and hips. Stretch marks can be quite bothersome sometimes but they are not harmful in any way. It is possible to get rid of stretch marks by following certain remedies regularly. Keep reading to find out the 10 best ways to heal stretch marks caused due to pregnancy.

1. Moisturizer

If you are a woman who is more inclined to looking after her skin, then this should be an easy task for you. Moisturizing your skin is very essential as it keeps up your skin elasticity besides protecting it. Opt for products than are made up of natural ingredients and use them right after you have conceived. Stay hydrated because your skin needs to keep up its moisture externally and internally as well.

2. Natural oils

Massaging your target areas twice a day for a few minutes with natural oils can undo your stretch marks in a few months. You can use a blend of carrier oil and essential oil of your choice. While carrier oils give nourishment and added hydration, essential oils have the properties of healing. For added benefits and quick results, apply slightly warm massage oil onto your skin.

3. Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is a plant popular for the healing and moisturizing properties is offers. Cut an aloe leaf from the plant and extract the gel from it. Apply it on your skin until it’s absorbed well. It provides a cooling effect along with hydration which can help your skin lock moisture and heal the marks. This method is however effective only when tried in the early stages after childbirth.

4. Egg whites

Egg whites are rich in protein and improve the skin elasticity. Beat an egg and extract the white from it. Add 2-3 drops of pure almond or virgin coconut oil. Mix well and apply on the affected regions of your skin. Keep for few minutes until dry and wash it off with cool water, followed by a good moisturizer. The enzymes present in egg whites in a short period, can aggravate your stretch marks.

5. Coffee bean scrub

Caffeine present in the coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and stimulates blood circulation in the skin by penetrating into it. Make a scrub out of ground coffee beans and two tablespoons of olive oil. Massage the affected skin gently with this scrub, leave it for sometime and wash off. Use this scrub at least twice in a week.

6. Potato juice

Potato is known to improve the texture of the skin as it contains carotenoids and phytochemicals along with polyphenols. They tend to replenish your skin. You can massage your skin with a cut potato piece or use its juice and pulp. Let its juice soak into your skin, wait for a few minutes and wash off with water. Surely you will begin to notice results in a couple of months.

7. DIY massage cream

If you cannot afford on specialized stretch mark healing products, this one’s for you. You can prepare a cream on your own at your home with just 3 simple ingredients. Mix sufficient amount of cocoa butter with two tablespoons each of grated beeswax and vitamin E oil. Boil the mixture until the beeswax is melted into it. Mix until you get a creamy consistency and store it in a bottle in your fridge. Massage this cream on your skin twice a day so that you can see the amazing results for yourself.

8. ACV spray

Apple cider vinegar has properties to heal stretch marks and lighten scars or blemishes on the skin. Just dilute it with water and spray on your skin before going to bed. Shower in the morning and apply a moisturizer. You will certainly see a difference in a month or two.

9. Vaseline

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that can act as an occlusive agent, locking in the moisture and aggravating dry stretched skin. Massage for 5-10 minutes with vaseline everyday to get rid of those stubborn stretch marks.

10. Sugar scrub

Sugar when used for exfoliating your skin can remove dead cells besides lightening those scars. Massage with a scrub made of sugar and a little olive oil before you shower everyday. Do it for a couple of months for effective results.


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