10 surprising health benefits of ginger tea

Homemade Fresh Ginger Tea
Homemade Fresh Ginger Tea with Lemon in a Mug

Dive into childhood nostalgia! Remember how your grandma used mortar/pestle to crush ginger picked from her goodie basket, infused its zest  in the tea boiling in the antiquated kettle? She used to say “oh dear baby, you are coughing a lot! Have some ginger tea.” You used to deny “I’m not” but she insists “you still have to drink it”.

Hey folks! Ever imagined what did her ‘still’ mean? Why was she so concerned of us having this ginger tea? Unravel her secrets then! All of us are already aware that ginger is a magical golden rhizome (root) mother nature bequeathed to us. But its coalesce with tea makes it a sorcerous drink.

Let’s take a fleeting glimpse of these surprising health boons of ginger tea.

No 1.The stress buster which perks up your digestive systems as well!

Due to the heavy competition nowadays, stress is a very common thing. Don’t worry at all! Ginger tea is your saviour! Ginger tea has a relaxing quality that may help lower your stress and tension. It is due to the mystic combination of the strong aroma and its healing power. Sip ginger tea and settle your stomach ache. It’s a exemplary drink after heavy meal. It improves digestion and increases absorption of food and even prevents bloating after eating too much.

No 2. It is hailed as the best respiratory infection’s solution

Yes, grandma was right! Science has the same thing to say, gingerol in ginger  dehydrates the excess mucous by working as an expectorant for respiratory infection. Relieves congestion associated with the common cold. Having a cup of ginger tea fades away all the respiratory symptoms associated with environmental allergies.

No 3. Decreases the peril of diabetes

It is an insulin regulating, metabolism throbbing drink. It’s a better and healthier option to have it when hungry with some flavoured biscuits or snacks. It keeps insulin in check for us thereby lowering the resultant risk of diabetes. Discuss with your doctor about using it, they may suggest more batter ways of using it.

No 4. Takes the edge off from menstrual cramps  

Grandma left special surprise for  girls, as the ginger root has anti inflammatory power ,it reduces the pain we get from menstrual cramps. Here’s a tip from grandma soak a towel in warm ginger tea and place it to your lower abdomen ,see the magic as it relieves the pain and relax the muscles. Why waste the left tea? Drink a cup of ginger tea with honey.

No 5. Feeling nauseous? Just have a sip!

A redeemer drink for nauseous people. Must have drink before travelling. It suppresses the nausea and vomiting connected with motion sickness. You can even carry it in a flask while travelling and drink it whenever you feel the signs of nausea. Don’t forget to ask your doctor about it and your allergies before make it your everyday mantra.

No 6. Elevates your immunity

Ginger tea has vitamins minerals and amino acid which help to restore and improve our body’s immune level. It has got striking anti fungal and anti microbial compounds which help fight major infections and strengthen the immunity. It prevents fat depositing which helps in avoiding heart attacks and strokes.

No 7. Targets your cholesterol levels

Bad cholesterol is your foe, worrying about the cardiac diseases .just keep calm and have ginger tea folks! . Its superlative power has the capability to reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol) in your body. Science says it works similar to cholesterol lowering drug atorvastatin. Now, you can have your favourite meals without over thinking!

No 8. Has exceptional anti-inflammatory property

Oh my god! Grandma used it herself too. Muscle and joint problems be it old age or any age ginger tea is the best remedy for such pains. As mentioned earlier about its gingerol component, it curbs the overactive prostaglandins (pain activating hormone) to shut their mouth and give you relief from excruciating pain. You can also soak your inflamed joints apart from just drinking ginger tea. Do tell your doctor about your inflammation if it’s really unbearable and don’t get afraid because inflammation is just a sign of your body that it is healing naturally.


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