6 most common problems faced by teens today!

Portrait of sad little girl
Portrait of sad teen girl at the day time.

To a teenager, this teen phase can seem like a lifetime because a lot of changes occur bodily, emotionally, cognitive plus socially. With puberty going on and hormones all over the place, it is the period in one’s existence which evokes unusual actions in response to the stimuli. The teenage days definitely involve periods of storm and stress, it is also when teenagers are trying to figure themselves, begin to push the boundaries and try to get away with any and everything. A teenagers’ task is to discover who they are as individuals separate from their family and as members of the wider society. But sometimes they’re even embarrassed about themselves. Parents ought to speak to their kids at this time in a friendly way. Adults should build healthy relationships with their kids and make them feel comfortable and teach them how to handle different situations. Let’s peek into these 6 most common problems faced by teens today.

1.        Low Self- esteem

Self-esteem is to value our existence. It’s a psychological construct like achievements, happiness, and rude behaviour. We can avoid low self-esteem behavior by taking care of ourselves, following good health and doing things that make us happier. Spending some time with friends and family and avoiding toxic people would make it easier.

2.        Stress

Stress is a grave quandary in teenagers. It can turn up out of frustration or from thoughts that make us feel irritated. It can also build up due to homework, exam pressure, expectations, and relations. Additional causative reasons may be romantic relationship problems, no time for favourite activities and not getting enough sleep. If parents identify that the child is stressed, talk and make them feel comfortable. It will help them to cope up with stress and get rid of it.

3.        Depression

Depression is widespread in teens today. It is a serious mental disarray that causes being isolated, mood changes, overthinking, sleeping all the time, laziness, lack of interest in activities. Academic stress, romantic relationship problems, social anxiety, peer pressure, divorcing parents, etc. If parents find the child with these indications, talk to them and immediately take them to the professional psychological doctor.

4.        Bullying

Bullying is one of the nastiest troubles faced by teenagers. It demolishes mental and physical health. Thousands of kids are affected by this. It should not be overlooked. Some bullies repeatedly attack their victims physically while some other abuse verbally. Bullying makes kids and teenagers nervous, they live in unceasing fear. Bullying is life-threatening.  Outer look and social status are the main reasons for getting bullied. It’s a serious negative behaviour. If ever hear that the kid is bullied, don’t neglect it because sometimes children can’t get through it which leads to suicides. Schools should have an anti-bullying squad

5.        Drinking and drugs

Drinking and drugs are part and parcel for many juvenile people. Especially teens who are in the early ’20s trying new things like alcohol, drugs, marijuana and other kinds of stuff. They put their life at peril. Disappointments in life due to divorcing parents, dropping out of school, lack of education leads youth towards alcohol and drugs. Many teens are addicted to drugs and alcohol, are getting into prostitution, robbery. It is a killer in disguise.

6.        Cyber addiction

Cyber obsession is one of the widespread troubles faced by teens. The Internet is the largest source of information; it’s a way of communicating with other people around the world. You can get any kind of information from the internet. It is recognized as an impulsive disorder. The Internet provides dating apps, social media, website, hook-ups apps. In this busy life, we have stopped talking to each other. Feeling sad, being isolated triggers them to use the internet often. Lack of healthy relations with family members also leads to cyber addiction.

So, these were some of the most common plights faced by teens nowadays. As parents, it’s a responsibility to find out the child’s trouble and be supportive of situations that concern them. Take them to a good counsellor if unable to talk. Parents can always help them solve their troubles and tell them how to react in different situations. Ultimately, they would appreciate and live an ecstatic life!


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