7 mistakes parents make with pre-schoolers

Parents fighting
Parents fighting

Parents of this generation spend more time on social networking sites than with their kids, so there is no proper awareness among parents about the things that matter to their kids. It’s really a bad thing and moreover, these days nuclear families are more compared to joint families. So, kids are left alone these days. Parents should keep an eye on their children and spend some quality time with them for their bright future. The following are the 7 mistakes parents usually make with pre-schoolers.

1)         Giving mobile phones to your kids

Nowadays, parents are busy spending time on social media, and not taking proper care of their kids. Most of the parents give their kids a mobile phone, so that they don’t cry and start playing with the mobile. They are getting so addicted to the mobile screens that they don’t eat their food if they don’t have a mobile in front of them! This habit  greatly affects their eyes and the result is, at a very young age, they are putting on glasses for sight and headache. There is no physical activity for kids these days, as they always sit with mobile playing, which eventually makes them dull. Technology keeps changing and we should keep on getting  updated. But that doesn’t mean we should overuse them. So, try to control kids from using phones as it’s impact has become a serious issue, leading to many health problems.

2)         Not giving a proper and healthy food

Feeding kids with whatever they want is okay sometimes, but we shouldn’t make it a habit for them. Don’t let them eat only junk food everyday. If your kids ask for junk foods like noodles,  chocolates,  jellies, chips and so on, don’t give them everyday. It might affect their health. When kids avoid taking foods like vegetables, milk or eggs, don’t force them to eat. Instead, mix them into the snacks they eat, so they will never miss protein foods, and will ask for more too! Not giving them a proper food is another mistake parents are doing. Making wrong choices badly affects their health. So, parents need to make some healthy choices.

3)         Showing your work pressure on kids

Sometimes you might be having work burdens like deadlines given in office. You might be in frustration but never show that anger on kids. Shouting at your kids will hurt them badly. Remember, they are innocent little roses with lovely smiles. Don’t be aggressive towards them even if you’re under pressure. Everyone has their own pressures and  handling them wisely is our responsibility.

4)         Not being supportive with your kids

When they are given a project work or home work, we shouldn’t complete it for them. Just guide them in completing their work, so that they will do it actively. Have patience till they complete their work. Remember, being just supportive of your kids’ works will make them strong!

5)         Using  awful language in front of  them

Stop using bad words when your kids are around. Never fight with your spouse or others in an awful manner as this may have a negative impact on your kids. Whatever we do, so will our kids. Many parents make this mistake parents often and it must be totally avoided. Tell your kids good things, which will make them step towards positive side.

6)         Giving them whatever they ask

 Giving them whatever they want will be like spoon feeding them. If you continue following this, controlling them will become more difficult. Don’t let your kids stay stubborn and maintain this kind of attitude. It’s good to give what they want but it’s better to give what they actually need. As a parent, you can say no to certain demands if you seriously think your kids don’t need it. Handling such situations is in your hands. So, teach them the importance of money at a young age itself.

7)         Discouraging your kids

Stop comparing your kids with other kids as this will lead to peer pressure. It’s very discouraging in the long run. Everyone has some unique talent hidden within them. And as parents, you should recognize it. You should help them in bringing it out by encouraging them.

Spend some time with your kids and show them your love and care. Never let them feel lonely or isolated. Don’t cage their thoughts by discouraging them. Always try to support them, so that they stay optimistic and become successful in whatever they do!


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