Benefits of pomegranate you did not know about.

Ripe dissected pomegranates
Ripe dissected pomegranates. Selective focus

Iranian by origin, having a well-deserved crown on its head. In the glory of this most favourite word of spell bee competition “pomegranate”. Recall those adventurous fighting scenes you saw on your TV. Your heart beat raised to the power hundred when the soldier griped the grenade, pulls out the pin with his ferocious teeth and then throws it towards the enemy and then boom! Now imagine the same situation again this time with different characters. You are a fighter, holding a crimson pomegranate. Not by using your crooked teeth but a knife you cut it and let the nutritious beads travel to your gut and bombard, explode with nutrients boom!

Now here is a mind boggling grenade for you! Overall intention behind the comparison: The term “grenade” comes from its similarity to pomegranate given by French.

Let’s take a rapid look at the seldom known blessings in this nutrition bomb!

1. These are miniature antioxidant bombs

These grenades contain antioxidant chemicals called polyphenol which provides pomegranate its vivid colour and punicalagins another such chemical in its peel. It has higher amount of antioxidants than others. Scientifically proven that it has anti oxidants 3X greater than green tea. It allows to wipe out most of the free radicals present in our body and diminishes the chances of swelling. It also helps in regenerating cells, you still look young and get an anti wrinkle flawless skin!

2. Boost your endurance

Want to run like a horse and just dreamt of red bull effects? Get them naturally by having pomegranate in any form and experience improvement and escalation in sports. It also facilitates to trim down soreness. Pomegranate heals the oxidative damage triggered by exercise and boosts strength recovery.

3. Not just an Aphrodisiac!

As already mentioned, these miniatures antioxidant bombs are exceptionally nutritious and help condense stress. Pomegranate is a boon to fertility of females and science says oxidative stress causes sperm dysfunction. It is acknowledged to help lessen oxidative stress of placenta. But do discuss about your allergies with your doctor before trying this out. For men and women increases testosterone which may help in increasing sex drive. Enjoy this aphrodisiac.

4. Prevents cardiac diseases

Experiments and examinations have proved that pomegranate perks up blood flow in arteries and stops it from becoming fat and unbendable. It lowers blood pressure in body and acts like a cholesterol lowering drug statin. Do talk to your doc before having pomegranate.

5. Treats your joint pain

chemicals called Flavonols  present in it helps in  blocking  the inflammation that causes harm to cartilage and arthritis. It’s got magical property of blocking enzymes which are recognized to cause arthritis and damages joint. Its anti inflammatory property is phenomenal.

6. Enhances your memory

Clinically proven that having pomegranate enhances memory and escalates learning skills. It’s got a cognitive effect on us , really good for nervous system in our body. There are even evidences of patients who have recovered from serious surgeries and avoided the memory loss which comes after it. But before trying it on your own, let your doctor know about it. So next times wanna play and be winner of the face games grab a pomegranate before!

7. Good source of vitamin-C

10.2mg vitamin c per 100g! Whoa isn’t this reason enough for you to have pomegranate. We are very well versed with the positive effects of vitamin c. the most crucial function it does is enhances immunity and facilitates normal collagen formation which leads to the normal functioning for blood vessels. It minimizes fatigue too. It can cut back on inflammation in stomach and may be helpful for people with Crohn’s disease, other inflammatory diseases related to digestive system. Pomegranate does deliver some help in digestion also.

8. The anti-cancer grenade

Its anti inflammatory property makes it one of the best grenades to destroy the free radicals and malignant cells by the process of apoptosis (bombardment of cells). It is known to fight prostate cancer in males and even known to bring down the risks of breast cancer in females. These results are just budding right now but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep pomegranates in your diet. No harm in having them!

So with these 8 mystic newly known facts have pomegranate in any way you prefer and experience the wonders it does for you.

So folks, now I guess you really believe that this frequently misspelled fruit, Azerbaijan’s national fruit. An Iranian by origin. An aphrodisiac by passion. A spell bee favourite word ‘pomegranate’ is honestly a nutrient grenade which has to explode inside your body to fight your body’s enemy (diseases and discomforts).

Have pomegranates and bombard your body with hell lot of bonuses for you and your health!


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