How to eat healthy on a budget

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How many of you are hitting gyms in order to lose weight or get fit ? Whatever you are planning to get into, it is really important to eat healthy. You are what you eat. So switching your foods from junk to healthy is never too late. You can start it from this point itself. Even when you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, remember that you would be able to see the results only when you concentrate more on your diet than on your workouts. Weight loss journey depends 60% on what you eat and the rest 40% on your physical activity. So eating healthy is the foremost thing you need to concentrate on. But are you thinking how to eat healthy on a budget?

When I say ‘eat healthy’, most of you might be thinking if you can actually afford it. But that is not the case in terms of eating. There are healthy foods on the high end, which are a bit pricier and many of us cannot afford it. But there are foods on the low end too, with the same amount of nutritional values. Wondering what these superfoods are? Keep reading to find out how to eat healthy on a budget and put more into your pocket!

1.Eat fruits and vegetables

Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. These are both natural and nutritious. Almost all of the fruits and vegetables are available at a relatively cheaper rate when you buy them from a vegetable vendor instead of your local supermarkets. You can bargain with the vendors but not in the supermarkets and guess what? They are fresher when compared to those available in the stores. Keep them in the first place in your grocery list and avoid buying them in cut, packaged and frozen forms which can turn out to be quite expensive. If you want to use them later, you can store them in your refrigerator at your home.

2. Eat your protein

You don’t need to buy those expensive protein powders to build muscle or to perform your workouts better. Your protein can be obtained from natural sources too. Include protein-rich foods like milk, eggs, chicken and fish in your diet. If you are a vegetarian, go for plant-based proteins like green peas, walnuts, soy-beans, soya chunks, pulses, lentils etc. These are quite affordable and contain ample amounts of proteins to meet your daily needs.

3. Whole grains

If you want to eat healthy and don’t want to put on weight, try the whole grains. These are the healthiest form of grains and are not deprived from their nutritional values like the other grains. During the milling process, the grains are not ripped of their bran and germs, making them the healthiest sources of high fiber. Make simple changes in your diet like replacing white rice with brown rice, eating whole grain biscuits instead of the creamy ones. Replace regular white bread with whole grain bread. So the next time you enter a grocery store, pick the ones which mention ‘whole grain’ on their packaging and in the description. All of these are available for affordable prices, so just relax!

4. Cook your own meals

Believe it or not, cooking your own meals can help you save a lot of money instead of eating at restaurants or ordering food online. The money you spend on a single meal at a restaurant can probably let you cook 3-5 meals at your home. Make a habit to cook your food by yourself whenever you are free so that you can make it according to your taste, requirement and portions. Cook a balanced meal and enjoy it at your own pace. It can give you much satisfaction than the restaurant meals. Try it out if you haven’t. It is a great way to eat healthy on a budget!

5. Moderation is the key

The reason you may not achieve desired results can be that you are overeating! Make a diet plan and follow it. You can also download apps that show you how many calories you need per meal based on your weight. In this way you can keep your calories in check as well as your budget. Control your portions even when you are having your favourite food on your cheat day. You don’t want to end up eating the calories you had the whole week, in a single day, right? Craving for a little junk now and then is okay. But remember not to go overboard as these foods can rob your pockets.

Healthy eating should never come in the form of a diet. It should be considered as a lifestyle. Only then, you can feel good and look good. It also increases the life span by preventing your body from cancers, heart strokes and other diseases. If you can’t afford certain kinds of healthy foods, just remember that there are many other alternatives, as mentioned previously in this article. By following these tips, you can surely eat healthy on a budget!


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