Teaching toddlers about good touch and bad touch

Portrait of a cute little girl in black and white
Black and white portrait of a cute little Caucasian toddler girl

Child abuse is not less than a nightmare for a kid and the parent too. In this day and age, we hear very commonly about child exploitation and molestation. But now the moment has come, we begin educating and preparing budding kids, concerning this not so familiar and kind of forbidden topic “Good Touch and Bad Touch” to aid in countering more harm. The frequent objectives are particularly little kids, under five to six years of age. Being that babyish, it makes it quite hard for them to recognize the distinction amid what is correct for them and what is incorrect.

The media addresses and information before-mentioned cases where growing little kids, both boys, and girls, are sexually exploited by the adults nearby them on daily basis. And the most consequential dilemma is that these little kids themselves do not know what incorrect plus atrocious is occurring to them! So disheartening, isn’t it?

The problem

Let’s discuss regarding the elephant in the room–physical mistreatment to these toddlers before they become its prey. It is, however, a thin-skinned issue for parents to speak to the kids, so many of them do not want to have a word to them. But, the truth persists that it is very necessary for the progress of the growing kids that they be aware of all this going on and can handle it if they ever approach athwart a circumstance like this. It’s something that most parents are hesitant to talk about. Nevertheless, awareness is potential. It’s imperative that we formulate possibilities to speak to the toddlers concerning this. The purpose is to enlighten and let the kid recognize the threat.

Teaching the toddlers

The first step towards doing so is to empower these little kids to say no to actions that they do not like or which make them uncomfortable. Make them feel free to inform whatever it is to their parents, devoid of any fear. Communication with these cute little toddlers is the key to reach to the grounds of this growing problem. They ought to be completely reliable to the parents and have the feeling of love and trust among their parents to convey whatever they feel. This topic can be introduced by talking to the kids about their personal parts and most important is to make them know about their body parts, as in be aware of the anatomical term of these parts in case they ever necessitate speaking regarding them to their parents. Let the kids know that no has the consent to lay a hand, in any way unless it is okay to them. They should be acquainted with the personal parts which relate only to kids. Providing kids the knowledge of their body is like giving kids rights of their body.


This is not an era where inhabitants timid away from revealing anything sexual around their children. Kids are actually capable of grasping complicated subjects like sexuality and exploitation when the parent explains them about the abuse and how people can ill-treat, in a very fine-tuned way and give details that these parts are their own, nobody should ever lay a hand on it. And importantly, let the kids understand that they will not be penalized or criticized for shouting if they feel unnerving due to someone’s touch so, that kids be aware of that they did zero wrong and have no basis to feel accusable. Describe the kids that the body parts we regularly keep concealed are our personal parts and not a soul has the liberty to lay a hand on them there. Provide those illustrations that even parents lay a hand there only when soaping or cleaning and not any other time.


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