8 Important Things To Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant


Have you just found out you’re pregnant? Congratulations! It’s time for a celebration! Most of the women get very excited as soon as they find out they are pregnant and then go numb. Their mind gets blank on what to do next. But pregnancy is not just a reason to celebrate, it is a huge responsibility. You are going to be a parent soon and you should start planning it from the very minute you realize you are pregnant. You are going to carry the baby for several weeks from now on and you should be taking some extreme precautions in your life. I have listed out 8 important things to make your life easy when you find out that you are pregnant.

1. Take a picture

Picture yourself the very moment. You can never go to relive your first experience. You will have a permanent memory of how happy and excited you were when you realized you were pregnant. That happiness reflected in your face is worth capturing. You can take a picture of yourself every week if you wish to see your baby bump till you give birth to the baby. Collaging all the pictures into a single picture and hanging it on a wall can be very amusing.

2. Share the good news

There is no such pleasure as sharing your pregnancy news with your loved ones. They will be as excited as you are for the baby. Share it with your family and friends who are going to be truly happy for you. It is comforting for your heightened emotions if you share your feelings with your husband or mother, whoever you wish.

3.Make a call to your gynaecologist

After you spend your day relishing the good news, it’s time to make a call to your gynaecologist. Call her and get to know about the measures you should be taking throughout your first trimester. Ask her if it is okay to continue with your current medication. Also, ask her if you can start taking prenatal pills and if says yes, get to know of the supplement and dosage. These vitamins are essential for the baby’s development.

4.Read, read and read!

It is now time for you to get complete knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth. Read books related to pregnancy to gain knowledge on how you should be living your life while you are pregnant and changes that you should be adapting to for every trimester. Go through the maternity leave policy of your company as well, if you are a working woman. You should be planning early for taking leaves during your second or third trimester.

5. Make positive changes in your lifestyle

Now that you are pregnant, you should say goodbye to all the junk you once used to eat and get prepared to eat healthily. Maintaining a diet is very important while you are pregnant. But this does not mean you should sit and eat healthy all day. Being active and fit is also necessary. Go through books and do your research on the internet to know about the foods you should be eating and those which you should be avoiding. Also, get to know about what exercises benefit your pregnancy and do them at least 20mins each day.

6. Maintain a Journal

Writing everything in a diary regularly about what you eat, how you feel and what you should be doing the whole day is an effective way to keep your activities, health and emotions in check. Noting down all your activities and making a to-do list can help you manage your stress as you have already pre-planned your day.

7. Go shopping!

Pregnant or not, women always love to shop. What better could it be if you are shopping for your baby as well? Get yourself some maternity clothes that make you feel comfortable all day. Do not forget to shop for baby clothes, baby products and toys if you going to reach your due date soon. Trust me, baby shopping can be a lot more fun than you can ever imagine.

8. Make a list of things you should do after conceiving

Planning is everything. As much as you have planned things to do during pregnancy, it is equally important to pre-plan the things you should do after your delivery. Taking care of a newly born baby is never easy as you should be extremely careful in whatever work you do involve the baby, be it giving a bath, feeding, putting him to sleep or teaching him to walk. As a parent, you should be responsible and never be afraid of asking for help. Always be patient when it comes to your child as parenting is not an easy task, especially for the new mommies.


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