Tips For Short Girls To Look Taller.

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Are you a short girl? Do you often look for outfits or tips that can make you look taller? No more searching or waiting now! You can look taller than your real height by just choosing the right things for yourself. One simple tip can change your look completely! You can’t increase your height but you can surely create an illusion of being taller! Can’t believe it? Scroll down to read the tips to look taller.

1.         The ‘standard’ stripes

Starting from a very basic tip everyone knows, vertical stripes give the illusion of a taller look. Horizontal stripes are a big no-no for petite girls as they make you look wider. Try wearing thin vertically striped trousers, skirts, shirts or tops rather than wide stripes. Don’t overdo the stripe effect by wearing stripes from top to bottom. You can try layering the striped looks with cardigans or open jackets but remember not to cover yourself completely with them. The whole idea behind the stripes is to make you look taller and that wouldn’t work if you don’t let people see the outfit.

2.         ‘Hello’ to high waists

The most comfortable and happiest way for girls to look taller is the high waist bottoms. Be it trousers, jeans or skirts high waist are short girl’s best friend. The waist is to be clinched and that makes the torso part look short and legs to appear elongated. High waist skirts are better if they are up to the knee and avoid skirts that end at the calves. If you’re wearing long t-shirts or shirts with medium waist bottoms, try tucking them in so that the right body proportions are maintained.

3.         ‘Mindful’ monochromes

A vertical line effect is created by wearing the same colour from head to toe. Bright colours add volume to the shape whereas dark colours help making the wearer look slimmer and taller. Now we all know why black is the best colour! Wearing contrasting colours separates the torso and bottom thus, making an impression of the silhouette shorter.

4.         The ‘jaunty’ jeans

Jeans that get bulked up at the end are not a very good way to flaunt the height. Jeans that ends up just at ankles worn with wedges, nude heels or the same coloured boots gives a taller look. Medium or dark washed are better than light colour jeans, as we know dark colours give a slimming and a taller effect. Add those straight cut trousers and slightly flared jeans to your wardrobes. Any bottoms adding volume at the hip such as pleats, big bulky pockets just make you look shorter.  Added bonus, wear these with crop tops and look at the magic it creates.

5.         ‘Stylish’ slits

Slits at the back or to any side of the skirt or a long dress adds length to your legs.  Maxi dresses emphasize on the overall look. Add a belt to the outfit to accentuate the waist. Dresses that are too lengthy and graze all over the floor aren’t that flattering for short girls. Voluminous dresses look good on tall girls so just focus on the fit of the dress and you are all good to go.  Good news is that this tip works for Indian wear too. Straight cut kurtis with high slits to the sides add length to the silhouette.

6.         ‘Playful’ prints and patterns

Always look for smaller motifs as larger motifs make the wearer look larger. Don’t try wearing all the prints that are trending as not all prints suit shorter girls. Vertical prints, V-shaped patterns elongate the figure. Bold patterns overwhelm the smaller structure and the purpose to look taller won’t work out. Darker coloured outfits with light coloured prints and patterns are always a big yes! Look like a fashionista wearing these just by picking the right prints. Also don’t overdo with the prints and patterns, let the whole look be balanced, not confused! 

7.         ‘Capes’ like cardigans

Just like capes are an identity for superheroes, the lengthy open cardigans and jackets are shorter girl’s special power to look taller. The voluminous jackets and blazers don’t flatter the look. If you want to add volume like pockets and other details to the jackets or blazers, try them with cropped lengths or just them ending at the waist. Lengthy coats worn with sarees for Indian wear are now a trending look too. Not a bad thing for short girls to try!!

8.         Bags, accessories, heels and hairstyles

Not just the dress but what you paired the whole dress with also adds oomph to your entire look. Short girls look the best with small bags. While opting for backpacks too go for structured and geometrical forms. Oversized big bags are just going to make you look even more petite. Nude coloured heels make you look taller especially the pointed toes. Belts that clinch at the waist emphasize it and proportionate the structure of the body creating the illusion of longer legs and smaller waist but careful with the width you’re going with as too much is just bad. Plunging necklines with short or medium length hair are the best for short girls as they make the neck look longer.

Finally, all these tips might work generally for everyone but just remember, you are beautiful the way you are! Don’t stress about the beauty standards society has put up around us. Anything you wear, just rock it like you own it. After all, confidence and smile are the best accessories for any girl!!


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